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Grassley: Schumer Knew Trump Was Not Under Investigation When He Publicly Claimed Otherwise

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) blasted Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Thursday for lying about President Donald Trump being under investigation when he knew otherwise. 

Senator Grassley showed his disgust for the Democrat party, the fake news media and James Comey for continuing to mislead the public about President Trump being under investigation. James Comey refused to declare to the public that President Trump was not under investigation and Chuck Schumer continued to publicly state he was when he knew otherwise. 

Grassley: “After that meeting, I publicly called for Mr. Comey to tell the public what he had told us about whether President Trump was under investigation. The public had a right to know. Mr. Comey told me and other Congressional leaders that President Trump was not under investigation. He even told the President himself–repeatedly. But, Mr. Comey didn’t listen to my request for transparency. He didn’t listen to the President’s request. Only months later has the truth finally come out.” \n\n“So the media was wrong. So the Democrats were wrong. So the wild speculation and conspiracy theories ended up harming our country. They played right into Russia’s hands. And how did we all learn about this truth? In President Trump’s letter removing Mr. Comey from office.” 

Blog Author's Comments: At least Senator Grassley finally spoke up and went after Schumer. Senate Minority Leader Democrat Chuck Schumer wanted to keep this lie going as long as he could. But what was stopping Majority Leader Mitch McConnell from announcing it himself? Certainly they were not sworn to secrecy by Comey. And if they were it was way past time to let the people know the truth and give the president a little help. We can expect this from Democrats but so many of the Republicans stood in the background and said nothing when they also knew Trump was not under investigation. 

And the Republican Party really has to seriously get busy with regard to President Trump's agenda for the country and show the voters they want to retain the power they now have. And why don't they use it to their advantage? I am extremely disappointed in many of them. President Trump did not have to do this - run for the presidency - and put himself and his family through the sick ridicule and humiliating comments and treatment he has received. He knew and saw what was happening to America and someone had to stop the Democrats and turn things around. He did our country and his voters much more than a huge favor by stopping Hillary Clinton and the Democrats from continuing to trash the country, but he is not receiving a hell of a lot of help from some members of his party. 

A few Republicans are stepping up to the plate for the president, but just a few. And they have known about this lie concerning Russian collusion for as long as Schumer has. Why didn't they say anything then? Why wait for this investigation? They could have stopped this a long time ago. Those GOP members in the gang of 8 are just as responsible for not coming out and defending the president. It only took Trump to fight back for the truth to be revealed. Very few members of the GOP Senate were willing to lift a finger to help him. It's as if they still think we are all so bloody daft and forgetful. Well, no more, those days are long gone. President Trump has awakened a great deal of those who consider themselves on the right and we will not forget any of this during the next election. But, now Mueller is able to investigate anyone and everyone, he has an unlimited budget and can hire whomever he cares to. This, the country and the president did not need. 

There are also many members of the House who are in collusion against the president. This places some of them in jeopardy because Trump does not have to play their game. He has and will continue to call people out and expose more of what we should know. He is and will always be fighting off the 'fake news' networks and their people, who on many occasions are creating their own stories from nothing, writing and broadcasting fiction, in an endeavor to personally attack him, for the good of their people the Democratic Party. Lastly, when he continues to follow his campaign promises that is what the president should do. We are not used to seeing this. But never expect Democrats to respect the truth or tell the truth. They would rather make things up as they go and will lie without a care when it is for their side and in their favor.